For you to enjoy your wedding, it does not have to be expensive. Although you will find some couples that devote a massive budget to this major event, you can get a beautiful venue, top-notch catering, and excellent decor without spending an outrageous amount of money. When looking at affordable wedding venues in Orlando, FL, you should consider the following details to guarantee a great experience.

Potential Guest Numbers

When you are looking at your options for wedding venues, you want to consider an estimate of how many guests you intend on inviting and how many you realistically expect to come. It is an important step because you will likely book the venue before you receive guest confirmations.

To avoid problems, you should get a venue that accommodates more guests than you are inviting.

Ballpark Budget

Although you may make budget-related adjustments in the future, you should create a ballpark budget that leans towards the lower side, just in case things chance on a financial level. With this estimated budget, you can look at wedding venues with confidence, knowing that it is an expense you can afford.

Detail Control

It is not uncommon for wedding couples to want full control of the details. Whether you want this type of control, which allows you to bring in your own vendors, or you prefer a hands-off experience, you should consider a wedding venue that gives you the opportunity to choose between either one.


For a wedding to go smoothly, you need to have superb communication with the team. If you are going to have coordinators, caterers, decorators, and more, you should speak with all of them beforehand.

It is important to get comfortable with these individuals and make sure they understand what you expect from them, as well as what you want your wedding to be like for you to be completely satisfied.

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