Decorating the interior of your wedding venue might seem like a daunting task, but there are plenty of budget-minded decorations that can still look great on your big day. Here are four decor ideas that can be done inexpensively and with a DIY spirit within the Crystal Ballroom.

1. Festive Balloons

If you don’t have the cash for expensive floral arrangements to accent your venue, there are other ways to fill the room. Balloons can bring a fun, airy feel to your day. These can be tied to the backs of chairs, put together to form arches, or let loose to make a colorful ceiling cover for your evening.

2. Holiday Lights

Bring a little romance to a darker venue. Stringing white holiday lights will give off a nice glow and are light and inexpensive. These can behung on ceilings and walls, or can decorate tables and buffets to help guest navigate your wedding reception. Before hanging these, be sure to check with your venue to ensure you are in compliance.

3. Mason Jars

A great way to bring a country feel to your day is by incorporating mason jars in a few different ways. These can be painted and used to hold flowers, can be left clear to hold candles, and can also be used as glasses for your reception.

4. Fabric Coverings

If you have wedding colors that you love, be sure to incorporate these into your reception with fabric swags and draping. Fabric can add an accent to tablecloths, ceilings, and centerpieces, bringing the eye to certain areas of the room. Cut out the middleman and add fabric accents to your venue yourself.

If you’re still stuck when it comes to personalizing your wedding venue, contact us to help with planning your wedding at the Crystal Ballroom. Getting an early start on your wedding planning can help make your big day go off without a hitch.