There are a lot of reasons to throw a party at the Crystal Ballroom in Casselberry during December 2015. Naturally, there will be Hanukkah, birthday, Christmas, Kwanza and New Year’s Eve parties taking place. But, there are other reasons to pull out all of the stops and kick up one’s heels at the best banquet halls in Seminole County. For instance, it’s Worldwide Food Service Safety Month.

How should one celebrate Worldwide Food Service Safety Month at the Crystal Ballroom in Casselberry? Why not start with lectures, dinner parties and luncheons? We have Weekday Extravaganza packages that are perfect for business and social events. Rent the space for five hours and use the time to single out workers, departments or business locations that have demonstrated exemplary safety efforts throughout the year.

The five-hour, weekday packages may be altered to include everything businesses need to commemorate Worldwide Food Service Safety Month, including refreshments. And did we mention the 20-foot long, red carpet? It is a fun way to give a company’s most safety conscious, food service workers the celebrity treatment. We could set it up beforehand and help arrange to have a photographer on site to take snapshots of the employees’ arrival.

Afterward, photos of top employees walking on the Crystal Ballroom’s red carpet in Casselberry could be shared on social media. They could also be added to in-house display walls designed to promote food service benchmarks (e.g. 265 days without an accident). Logically, event planners may do more than those things with the photos too.

To learn more about hosting a Worldwide Food Service Safety Month event at the Crystal Ballroom in Casselberry, please contact us today.