Have you ever heard someone say, “The Devil is in the details?” It’s an idiom with muddy origins but could very well could have been said a time or two by brides and party planners alike. It’s well-known that there’s a lot to do before a big, Florida ballroom event, including choosing vendors. And boy, when it comes to that task, caution must be taken. This is especially true for brides hoping to select a hair stylist. They are one service provider that can truly make or break a bride and her wedding party’s day.

Florida ballrooms’ staff members are often able to help brides and their wedding parties find hair stylists and makeup artists that are less apt to commit a fatal faux pas. For example, our staff members have an excellent, working relationship with the Hair Connoisseurs. Perhaps you’ve been in Altamonte Springs and noticed their location over on the Boardwalk area of West Highway 436.

Regardless, they are quintessential professionals with their highlight brush on the roots of all hair styling trends. Plus, they’ve been named Preferred Vendor several years in a row by the editors of a popular wedding magazine. And on top of that, they’re able to perform some services inside Florida ballrooms outfitted with bridal suites. So if a bride’s up-do falls apart or her mom’s hair spray gives way, help is close at hand. In addition, they provide makeup and other wedding day services too.

If they’re booked up on a bride’s special day, we have some tips to consider. First, we suggest reaching out to hair stylists that offer both consultations and trials. The consultations are often good but not enough because they don’t always include samples. Trials, on the other hand, do include dry runs. As such, they’ll help weed out bad stylists long before the wedding date arrives. To learn more about bringing hair stylists to Florida ballrooms on a bride’s special day, please contact us now.