We are so happy for you! At Crystal Ballroom in Orlando, Florida, we take the deepest pride in offering brides the best opportunities to realize both their dreams and their budgets. You can’t imagine the joy we have in our lives because of this mission we have taken on, providing exquisite service to wedding parties as we fulfill our destiny and live up to our nickname of the “hidden jewel” of Orlando.

We offer all-inclusive packages or bring in your wedding planner and team. We also enjoy do-it-yourself situations where your Aunt Jennie caters and his Cousin Sam DJs while family pal Sophie puts together the flowers. You’ll love working with us.

Meanwhile, as you plan your wedding, look around to decide which trends are for you and which are fads to avoid. We took a look at the projected 2017 trends from The Knot, and at follow-up interviews from wedding experts who disliked some popular predictions. Here are four trends that we know wedding guests love.

  • Metallic gowns and decor continue to be glorious. Silver, gold, brass… even dark pewter returns this year. But the gold and silver looks reign supreme.
  • Greenery and this year’s popular green tones bring nature indoors. Potted trees, garlands and even hanging arrangements continue to bring peace and beauty to the setting.
  • Naked cakes are gone, almost. The idea of minimizing white frosting still inspires brides, but now the icing is a delicate see-through tracing. Talk to your baker and envision the perfect translucent glaze.
  • Instead of a photo booth, consider a sketch artist to make cool drawings of your guests. Then your guests can snap and post a memorable cartoon rendering their friends will adore.

Whatever you choose to do, at Crystal Ballroom we are here for you, with an in-house wedding planner, incredible dance floors and a spectacular interior you will never forget. Have a look at the beautiful photos on our website then get in touch to learn more about our elegant ballroom venues.