It might be you are celebrating a special birthday, wedding or other type of occasion. After renting your space and inviting all of your friends, it will be time to begin arranging the types of things you need to decorate the space. If you have not planned such a large affair before, you might find yourself overwhelmed by ideas and options. Here are some possibilities for your Crystal Ballroom party decorations.


Themed Decorations

In some cases, people will decide on a theme and then decorate based on it. This can be something that appeals to the guest of honor. If it is a teenage birthday party, you might consider a theme based on their favorite movie or band. The celebration of an anniversary might bring to mind a theme based on where the happy couple took their honeymoon such as a beach themed party. A theme allows you to easily set the parameters for decorating.


Favorite Color

If the person you are throwing the party for has not shown interest in a theme, you might consider using their favorite color to decorate. You can use this color in everything from the flowers on the table to the items in the party favor bags. With a favorite color, your decorations can include various shades and tones of the color to make the room more appealing.


Simple and Elegant

You might be throwing a party for someone who is not interested in a lot of decorations. They might not want a theme or a room filled with their favorite color. In this case, you might consider decorating simply and elegantly. You will want to stay with neutral tones and a lot of black and white where possible.


At the Crystal Ballroom, we are ready to help you with some ideas for decorations. Also, we offer the services of a party planner who knows all the tips and tricks to decorations for any occasion. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.