What happens if you wake up feeling a little under the weather on the morning of your wedding? You wouldn’t be the first bride who has to deal with this extra challenge so try these tips to help you have a beautiful wedding even if you have a touch of stomach flu.

Focus on prevention. The best way to deal with germs is to avoid them in the first place. Be especially vigilant in the weeks leading up to your wedding. Get plenty of rest, wash your hands frequently, and don’t even think about eating any leftovers that look like they could be out of date.

Take medication. Are there any minor conditions you seem to be especially prone to? Bring along some supplies like quick-acting cold and allergy medicines or headache pills.

Squeeze in a nap. Take a look at your schedule and talk with your wedding coordinator. Maybe there’s a gap when you could get off your feet and shut your eyes for a while to help you feel better.

Save your voice. If you’re hoarse, pamper your throat with hot lemon and ginger tea. In extreme cases, limit any unnecessary conversation so you’ll be able to say “I do.”

Apply touch ups. Looking good can help you feel good, and keep well-meaning guests from reminding you that your symptoms are showing. Plus, you want to put on a good face for your wedding photographs. Use tissue paper with lotion to wipe your nose, and talk with your makeup person about how to cover up dark circles or any other tell-tale signs.

Think positive! Maybe your stomach is fluttering and your nose is a little red, but you’re getting married to someone you love, and you’re surrounded by family and friends who care about you. Plus, when you pick a premier venue like the Crystal Ballroom in Orlando we’ll work to make your wedding day successful no matter what happens. Contact us today to see our enchanting ballrooms and amazing packages for yourself.