So, you’re all ready for your Crystal Ballroom wedding at Sunset Harbor. But what kinds of favors are you planning on giving to your guests?

This is often an overlooked detail, but the wedding favor can be used to put your decor over the top, to make a lasting impression, to show your guests how much their presence means on your wedding day.

A beach wedding is elegant, yet casual, usually full of color and cold drinks. Below, we will talk about some interesting beach wedding favors that your guests will not only appreciate, but remember for years to come.

1.) A corked bottle filled with sand and engraved with this quote by Kazi Shams: “Love is like quick sand. If you fall in it, then there is no way out.” Tie a string around it so that it can be hung or set on a shelf.

2.) Stemless wine glasses etched with your names and wedding date and filled with these candy beach balls.

3.) Chap stick with sun lotion, wrapped in a personalized label with your wedding date and names.

4.) Personalized sun screen.

5.) Key chain bottle openers painted with your wedding date and names. Consider using something cleaver like, “Eat drink and be married” on this one. This also works with beer cozies.

6.) If you’re having an evening wedding, consider giving a “midnight snack” out for a party favor. Flavored popcorn, trail mix, and chex mix are all great ideas, but for your beach wedding try this: layer dried blueberries and sweedish fish underneath caramel popcorn and cashews or peanuts inside a small mason jar, or for something sweeter, try this sand pudding in a jar, topped with a tiny cocktail umbrella.

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