Everyone should attend at least one quinceanera in the course of their life. It’s a combination of a Latin fiesta and a Cinderella ball; a family reunion and a community block party where multiple generations of family and friends gather to celebrate the passage of one lovely, 15-year-old lady from childhood to adulthood.

Everything about a quinceanera is nothing less than fabulous; the colors ravishing, the music spontaneous, the food beyond delicious. A century ago, a family could easily spent a year or more planning and preparing for the great day. Nowadays, few people have that kind of time to spare. Professional help is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity of modern-day life.

The Crystal Ballroom, aptly called the “hidden jewel of Orlando”, offers a nearly limitless variety of quinceanera decoration packages that go well beyond standard tables, table settings and chairs. Our staff will happily assist in planning that all important color motif that makes a quinceanera such a dazzling feast for the eyes. We’ll supply arrangements of traditional roses or other flowers to accent the ballroom and tables, along with professional lighting to make the venue look even more magical. A choice of china and tableware settings is available to add an extra touch of elegance. And our resident DJ has the appropriate music on hand, whether it’s the quinceanera’s traditional first waltz with her father or something more up-to-date and upbeat for guests to dance to later on.

Let the Crystal Ballroom do the hard work that goes into creating a great event. Contact us to discuss your plans and dreams for your quinceanera’s once-in-a-lifetime, fabulous day.