When it comes to ballrooms, elegance is key. We know you want the most beautiful event, otherwise you wouldn’t be looking at our ballroom. You want the best lighting, the most inviting dance floor, the greatest DJ set up with a sound system set for royalty.

You want grandiose beauty and grandiose details.

And yet you want decorations that will keep your event yours. Decorations that will stand out but will be personal too. We pride ourselves on decorating in a way that provokes awe and creates a breathtaking backdrop for your event photos. From the lavish drapery to cake canopies and table linens to our bountiful centerpieces, we are here to make your dream event a reality. When you choose the Crystal Ballroom, you are not only choosing elegance, but excellence as well. Our in-house designer and decorator will listen to your desires, will take your event colors and your guest list, and will come up with an event design that will make your jaw drop. Truly, our decorations will keep your event on the minds of guests long after they go home.

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Contact us. Look through photos on our website of our past events. Read about our many event packages, where you can choose one price for your entire event. We have been hosting events for years and we are experts now. Let us help you with the decorations because the decorations are the core of the event. They will set the atmosphere for the entire night.