You only turn 16 once in your life, and this milestone often marks the turning point between your childhood and your young-adult life. For many people, celebrating your sweet 16 is a right of passage, therefore, you want to make sure it leaves a memorable impression on all who attend. In today’s post, we will provide you with a few tips to help you plan an amazing sweet 16.

Looking for the perfect place to celebrate your birthday? Crystal Ballroom in Daytona offers gorgeous views and an elegant event venue where you and your friends and family can celebrate the night away. We offer numerous event packages, allowing you to customize your experience. Every 16-year-old deserves the party of a lifetime, so check out Crystal Ballroom, and schedule a tour of our event venue today!

Plan a Theme

Every great party has a theme, and your sweet 16 should be no different. Do you want to host a sophisticated dinner party? Perhaps you want to dress up and have everyone come in masquerade? There are countless themes to choose from, and picking a theme will help you plan all of the other elements for your party. For example, if you choose to have a masquerade party, then you may decide to go with a sleek and elegant black, gold, white, and silver color scheme. Having a theme in mind is a vital first step, otherwise, you find yourself in a situation where the colors and menu items you have already chosen don’t fit the theme of the night.

Decide on Your Guest List

The guest list for your party is a close second to the theme. Some people choose to host a family-only part for their sweet 16 instead of celebrating with their friends, while others may choose the opposite. Keep in mind that your sweet 16 is about you, and you are allowed to invite whomever you want — within reason.

You may end up deciding to have the best of both worlds and invite both friends and your closest family members to your party, in which case Crystal Ballroom is the perfect event venue. Our banquet hall fits up to 100 guests, making it easy to include everyone you love for your special day. If you have questions about our event venue, be sure to contact our Daytona location at (386) 301-4040 today!

Find the Perfect Location

When planning your sweet 16, it’s important to find a location that can accommodate both the theme of your party and the number of guests that you plan to invite. Some people may choose to have their party at their own home or the local park, but if you really want to enter the next years of your life with a bang, then finding the perfect location is key.

At Crystal Ballroom in Daytona, we are more than happy to help you celebrate your sweet 16 in the best way possible! Our event venue features gorgeous views and a large area for you and your guests to dance, eat, and celebrate! If you are interested in learning more about our rates, or you would like to schedule a showing, then give us a call today.

We look forward to celebrating with you!


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