Getting married is a wonderful time in life and your wedding day should be a reflection of what you and your partner dream of. Stress is the last thing you need on your wedding day. Consider the tips below to help eliminate those wedding stressors.

Make it Simple

No, we do not mean your wedding needs to be simple! Do not skimp on your “dream wedding” vision but the simplicity of having everything you need taken care of in one place is a major stress-saver.

Think of an all-inclusive vacation… your hotel is taken care of, food is paid for, alcohol is included – all you have to do is show up and relax. What if your wedding venue could be just that, all inclusive? The stress of having to outsource and find vendors for every little detail would be eliminated. Of course, you may have the perfect photographer or DJ lined up, but for the other stuff rely on The Crystal Ballroom to take care of your wedding day desires.


Money is a stressor for many couples preparing for their wedding day, but there are ways to save.

Your venue is number one and if you are booking an all-inclusive venue, the cost of the package will include most of your wedding day expenses. Try to focus your budgeting and cost-cuts on the expenses leading up to the wedding such as your save the dates and wedding invitations. As a guest, what do you do with these items after a wedding is over? Most people throw them out. Typically the only people hanging on to your save the date and wedding invitation after the big day is you. Anytime you are hesitant on cutting costs, put yourself in the shoes of a guest. Would you mind?

Follow Your Heart

There are hundreds of decisions that go into planning a wedding, some big and some small, but every decision is relevant to your special day. The bottom line here is to follow your heart and make your decisions based on what you want. Oftentimes, this can be difficult with everyone telling you what they think is best, but we can help alleviate some of that tension with our on-site event planners. What is better than an on=site mediator? Nothing.


We would love to help make your special day all that you hoped for. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or to set up a tour at one of our venues.