The table decorations, or centerpieces, are such fun details at any event. Use them to speak extra elegance into your wedding, or use them to add a punch of humor and interest. Below, we have listed some traditional, and some not-so-traditional centerpiece ideas to get your mind going.


Flowers are always beautiful. Some would argue that they are the most beautiful pieces of art in the world. Natural and full of texture, they provide majesty and intrigue, not to mention the aromas from a bouquet of fresh flowers. For your centerpieces, use some of the same flowers that are in your bouquet, but use some different ones too. You don’t want the centerpieces looking just like what you’re holding, but they should match, and your bouquet should be the best one around, so don’t overdo the centerpieces! A few white roses in a tall vase tied with lace or a shiny band is always elegant, too.


For another simple, yet elegant and interesting centerpiece, put two goldfish in a fish bowl with some glass beads to match your wedding colors.

Games and General Fun Times

A bucket of madlibs, a deck of “Would you rather” cards, or even a platter of appetizers would make fantastic centerpieces at a wedding, especially if there are a lot of people from various walks of life. These types of centerpieces will give people something to do together, and will spark conversations that otherwise might remain quiet.


Place floating candles in an interesting bowl or platter, with some flower petals sunk into the water. Place tea lights in spray-painted or stenciled mason jars, or in little vases etched with your names and wedding date.


Place small strands of stringed lights under tulle, with photo frames with your faces in them

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