Do you want to honor the timeless quinceañera traditions, but also express your modern personality? Let us help!

We know that quinceañeras are special for the 15 year-old girl, and for the entire family as well. It will likely be an emotional event for everyone, an event where the new young lady will be the center of attention and her family will publicly acknowledge her new self.

Our quinceañera decoration packages will help you make the best event for everyone involved. Our professional in-house decorator can take everyone’s wishes for your quinceañera and make them a reality.

On your end, make a list of the things that are important to you and have your parents do the same. Maybe the ceremony is of utmost important to everyone, and your parents want to honor your grandparents at the ceremony, too. Maybe you want to have an ice cream cake or cupcakes instead of a traditional, multi-teired cake. Maybe you don’t want to wear pink or white, but blue or red. To mix modern and traditional, consider a multi-colored dress, incorporating a little white or pink but adding a modern flair to it.

The things is, everything can be a decoration. Your dress, the centerpieces, and the invitations all add to the overall feel of your event. Contact us for more information, and glance through our website for photos of past quinceañeras that we’ve hosted. Read through our packages to find one that suits you. Let us listen to all your needs and help you put them together in a way that suits everyone. After all, this is your quinceañera, but you are your parent’s child. Let’s work together to make everyone happy!