Throughout all of history, every culture of every people group around the world has included some type of dance into ceremonies honoring the things, people, and traditions that they value. At first mention, traditional ballroom dancing may bring to mind kings, queens, and courtiers of the European high-society and their classy social functions. However, through the years, dancing has played a role in American history and culture as well. From children dancing “Ring Around the Rosie” on the playground, to teenagers enjoying their first prom, the act of dancing continues to play a prominent role in American society.

For many wedding guests, the highlight of the ceremony is hearing the wedding officiant declare the new couple to be officially husband and wife, and observing that first wedded kiss. However, when it comes to the reception, many guests consider the couple’s first dance to be the most significant moment of the celebration.

With the continued success of reality television shows that routinely focus on competitive and impressive choreographed ballroom dances, many brides and grooms are feeling the pressure to impress their guests with a fully rehearsed routine. If you share these concerns, and want to do more than just spend a few minutes swaying in the spotlight on the dance floor, consider taking a few dance lessons in the weeks before your big event. Not only will these lessons allow you to spend quality time with the person you love, they will give you an additional burst of confidence at the moment when all the eyes in the room are on you and your new spouse as you dance your first dance together as husband and wife.

Don’t have time for dance lessons? No problem! The moment of your first dance as a married couple is just that: YOUR moment! How you dance in that moment is not nearly as important as the one with whom you are dancing.

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