The truly great thing about Crystal party decorations is that they can be anything you want. So there are opportunities to personalize everything, right down to the table linens. Many brides choose solid color, commercially made linens to match their bridesmaid dresses, which is fine. But why not chuck them aside and go with vintage table linens instead?

We all know the superstitious cliché. Brides must have something new, blue, borrowed and old. Well using vintage table linens would accomplish all four goals. Family and friends could share their vintage linens with the bridal couple. That would take care of the old and borrowed. As for the new and blue, there are many reproductions out there that would suffice.

Blue was a very popular color at one time. So finding vintage table linens that include various blues should be relatively easy. There are many niche boutiques that sell vintage linens in all patterns, shapes, sizes and colors. One of them is The Vintage Table. And brides shouldn’t worry if they can’t find enough matching linens to cover their reception room’s tables. It is perfectly okay if the table clothesdon’t match perfectly. It may be enough to just stick with the same colors or themes.

For instance, couples could cover the tables in floral cloths or various patterns that all include sea green. In addition, there is the option ofonly using key pieces of vintage linen as table toppers or napkins. Brides who want everything to match should note that the napkins are incredibly easy to assemble. Simply purchase fabrics that boast reproduction prints or grab special markers and make vintage designs to suit. For those bridal couples that are interested, the website, Chocolate & Zucchini, offers information on making one type of banquet napkin.

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