In a traditional wedding ceremony and reception, the father of the bride has two important tasks. The first is to escort the bride down the aisle and answer the age-old question posed by the officiant, “Who giveth this woman to be married to this man?” His second job of the day is to make a welcoming speech at the reception. Traditionally, since the father of the bride is the one footing the bill for the party, the task of overseeing its commencement falls to him. The following suggestions are intended to assist the father of the bride with this task, so that every detail your Crystal Ballroom wedding is perfect and memorable.

During his reception speech, the bride’s father should:

  • Welcome everyone to the wedding
  • Welcome the groom to the family
  • Talk about how beautiful the bride looks and possibly share an anecdote about the bride as a little girl
  • Toast to the future of the happy couple
  • Give the opportunity for the new husband to speak

Keep in mind that this speech should be brief, pleasant, and put everyone at ease so that a good time may be had by all.

Of course, we understand that not every father of every bride is able to participate in the wedding experience, and we realize that many couples, whether by choice or by necessity, are paying for their own celebration. The degree to which a couple’s wedding follows tradition is totally up to the bride and groom. Our staff is prepared to assist you in planning every detail of your wedding or special event experience. For more information on a wedding celebration at the Crystal Ballroom, contact us today!