The Quinceanera is a bright time. It is a time to celebrate. It is a time to honor. It is a time to think about 15 years of life and all the years that will follow.

Is your daughter nearing her Quinceanera? We know, just like you do, that the day is going to be full. Full of friends and ceremony, family and dancing, eating and taking photos.

Once you have purchased the dress, written the guest list, thought about colors, smelled a garden’s worth of flowers and chosen thedamas and chamberlains, you are excited. You know it’s going to be a beautiful day. Then you think, What about the location? Where are we going to have this great celebration?

We invite you to consider the Crystal Ballroom, not only because we have a beautiful, classic venue, but because we have put together several Quinceanera Decoration packages. We specialize in event planning. We have in-house event planners who can take your dreams and make them reality. We can make your event perfect with any color scheme imaginable. We can provide in house catering, but our policy is open door. If you want to hire a separate caterer, we think you should. Anything you want is yours because we know your event is important.

Contact us for more information on our packages because when the day comes, we think you’ll want to be spending time with family, not making sure that the food is on the table. We are experts, and we care a much as you do. That’s why we created this business.