At Crystal Ballroom, we are your one-stop-shop for all event needs. When you choose us as your event space, we will do it all!

All the decorating. All the designing. All the table setting.

We can use crystal, vases, flowers, candelabras. We can set the table and fold the linens just so. We have various table sizes and shapes and all kinds of chair coverings and drapery.

We can make a beautiful space for your event. And that’s what will make your event memorable, special, a day that will last a lifetime.

Of course, there will be a person of honor, someone who will stand out, someone who is the whole reason for the event. The bride. The Quince. The Sweet 16. Whatever it is, let us make sure that the space matches the reason.

If you are planning any kind of large event, you want it to be great. You don’t want to go into it cutting things out, but adding things in. That’s why our our all inclusive design and decor will help you.

It’s rare to find a place that will do all of the decor. A place that is beautiful on it’s own, affordable, and that provides the services necessary to make a space perfect. But we are that place.

“The Hidden Jewel,” we’ve been called, but it’s not just because we are beautiful. It’s because we are rare. We love events and we want to lend our services to you. Contact us to find out more information on just how we can help you.