The Crystal Ballroom in Metro West is stunningly beauteous, with a great location, high-end decor, wondrous food, and a glorious array of services. With its high production value, one would think that it would have an equally high price, but it is in fact considerably cheaper than any might expect from such fabulous amenities. From the food and drink to the music and the flowers, it is the place to be.

Of the various options, the customer can choose what kind of cake they might like to have, who their DJ ought to be, what food shall be served at the event, what drinks would go best beside the food, whether or not to have bar services altogether, and who will take the pictures that shall capture the unforgettable event. They even offer to use fine China, waiters and waitresses, and specialized lighting.

Of course, all of this comes at a price (the one thing no one wants to think about). However, the Crystal Ballroom of Metro West is exceptionally cheap in comparison to nearly all experiences similar to anything that might be attained elsewhere; and even with that in mind, the Crystal Ballroom has a better value to it. The Crystal Ballroom has packages that are only $4,000 dollars for up to 100 people, an exceedingly great deal, a bargain at that, with all that the customer can get from it.

The Crystal Ballroom, with its many amenities, services, and options is, by far, the best option out there for any reception. Consider joining us for a new, unique experience. All you need to do is contact us for more information.