One of the questions we receive from clients who are unfamiliar with the Orlando area pertains to where we are located in relation to some of the main attractions in the city, specifically those pertaining to a certain famous mouse! Today, we wish to set the record straight and help our clients who may wish to plan an event at one of our ballrooms but are new to the area.

  • Crystal Ballroom Metro West is about seventeen miles northeast of Orlando’s most famous amusement park. After your event, your guests could jump on I-4 and be at the park’s gates in less than half an hour, depending on local traffic.
  • Crystal Ballroom on The Lake in Altamonte Springs is slightly farther north, but still less than a forty-five minute drive down I-4. This beautiful location is slightly farther out of the heart of Orlando, but still only a short jaunt away from many of our city’s main tourist attractions.
  • If you are looking to stay away from the hustle and bustle of our city, along with its crowds and traffic, you might wish to consider our Crystal Ballroom in Casselberry. This venue is located a few miles farther northeast than our other two ballrooms, but many of Orlando’s main attractions can still be accessed by a short drive down I-4 or FL-436.

Of course, when planning a wedding or special event, you want your celebration to be the main attraction, not some famous theme park. The Crystal Ballroom is known to locals as THE top-rated banquet hall in the Orlando area for a reason. Contact us today to find out what we can do to help you make your wedding or special event a celebration that you and your guests will remember for years to come!