Do you call Tampa Bay home? Then there are loads of things that we don’t have to tell you. We don’t have to tell you about Busch Gardens, or the Gasparilla parade where you party with pirates.

On the other hand, speaking of parties, maybe you don’t know about the new Crystal Ballroom opening in Tampa Bay. The Crystal Ballroom features gorgeous ballrooms and many amenities.

If you live in Tampa Bay, you know about the Big Cat Rescue and the Glazer’s Children’s Museum. You know about the fishing charters and the aquarium. You know that there are animal encounters to be had and games to be played.

But did you know that the Crystal Ballroom in Tampa Bay is available for rental for your next big event? Whether you are having a wedding or an anniversary party, a birthday or a graduation, the Crystal Ballroom is there, with as much or as little support as you want. Hardwood floors, lighting that you can control with the help of our staff, and a DJ read sound system all make our venue one of a kind. If you want to rent chairs and tables, if you need vendors or if you want to bring in your own, the Crystal Ballroom is the place for you.

If you live in Tampa Bay, whether you’re looking at manatees or sharks, whether you’re into laser tag or a fun boat tour, you know where to find it.

If you live in Tampa Bay, and you are looking for an amazing way to celebrate an event, contact us. Just like the rest of Tampa Bay, the Crystal Ballroom exceeds your expectations.