Are you masterful when it comes to margaritas? Do you know your single malt from your blended grain whiskey? What about wine serving temperatures and how to chill craft beer? If not, you’ll need someone that does know these things. Otherwise, your next party is apt to bea boozy disaster. Of course finding that person can be a challenge unless one knows a Crystal Ballroom in-house bartender.

Crystal Ballroom in-house bartenders make quenching guests’ thirsts easy. They have all of the mixology skills needed to run a successful bar. Plus, they work with one of the best party venues in Florida. So you and your wine can breathe easy knowing the bar will be in tip-top shape. And there are no pesky liquor taxes or cork fees associated with hiring Crystal Ballroom’s in-house bartenders.

However, you will need to bring your own bottles of booze. Crystal Ballroom’s in-house bartenders are willing to provide suggestions on how much of each wine, beer or spirit will be needed for any given event. So there is no need to stress over running out of beverages. And they may be able to provide signature cocktail suggestions as well. After all, signature cocktails are always a nice touch whether a person’s throwing a formal party or a casual shindig.

Hiring crystal Ballroom’s in-house bartenders doesn’t limit a person’s options either. For example, it is still possible to have an open or cash bar. Furthermore, you could opt to have a combination of the two as well. For instance, perhaps you may want to have a cash bar available before the wedding ceremony and switch to an open bar during the reception. Because you are providing the alcohol, any combination thereof is fine with our in-house bartenders.

To find out more about Crystal Ballroom in-house bartenders and how they may help make any event complete, please contact us today.