When looking at wedding venues, one thing that you might have found is that many venues require you to choose from a select few vendors. The venues often market this as being a good thing, since they claim that these are tried-and-tested vendors that you can count on for the perfect event. However, the truth is that these strict policies are generally financially motivated.

Luckily, this is not a problem at Crystal Ballroom. Crystal Ballroom has very open vendor policy, so you can choose your own vendors.

It’s Your Big Day — Not Anyone Else’s

It’s your big day, and you deserve for it to turn out just like you want it. Why let a venue do all of the decision making for you? At Crystal Ballroom, we give you the freedom to customize your event just like you want it.

We’ll Still Help

Don’t worry, though — we won’t leave you completely to your own devices if you don’t want us to. We do have a list of recommended vendors that you can use if you are unsure of who to hire for catering and other services. However, the key is that you aren’t required to use these vendors…it’s really and truly all up to you.

We Offer Options That You Can’t Find Elsewhere

Did you know that Crystal Ballroom actually has a “cook and drop” option? You won’t find this option elsewhere! We truly are as flexible as possible to give you as much freedom to plan the perfect wedding as possible.

Would you like to find out more about why Crystal Ballroom is the perfect venue for any wedding? If so, contact us today to talk about your event!