In ancient history, when the armies of Rome occupied the land of Israel, a very unpopular law stated that any Roman soldier was permitted to require any resident of the land to assist him by carrying the soldier’s burden. Once compelled, the resident was required to carry the soldier’s pack for “mille passus”, which is Latin for “1,000 paces,” or “one mile.” After the mile was complete, resident was permitted to put down the soldier’s burden and continue about his own business.

Although many do not realize where the turn of phrase originated, the concept of “going the extra mile” is still in use today. At the Crystal Ballroom, our desire is to go the extra mile for our clients, not because we are compelled to, but because we want your event to be a success! We desire to be seen by our clients as a “one stop shop” for all special event needs. This means when you book a reservation at any of our ballrooms, you will not find yourself in the weeks and days before your event scouring party stores in search of favors, trying to locate the best deal on table and chair rentals, or wondering why your local florist won’t return your calls about centerpieces. Our highly experienced staff is prepared to handle every aspect of your event, and can answer any questions you might have, and address any concerns you may wish them to handle.

Ready to let the staff at the Crystal Ballroom go the extra mile for you? Contact us today to learn more!