For some la novias, the idea of a West Indies wedding ceremony and reception is paramount. They’ve dreamed of the day when they could place dimes in their shoes, walk down the aisle and cut black cakes with their novios. Caribbean music would play while their guests danced and ate traditional, island fare.

For other couples who don’t have West Indies’ roots, the idea of a tropical wedding theme just sounds good. Either way, island themes have long been a part of Crystal Ballroom events and our Jasmine Menu option would be perfect. Prepared by one of our catering partners, it features rice and other celebratory dishes often served at West Indies themed nuptials.

Bear in mind that over the years, there are several cultures that have developed in the region. The menu we’ve already mentioned has a distinctly, Jamaican vibe. So if you are from the West Indies and adhere to a different culture than the one found in Jamaica, it is possible to go off script and choose other foods. For instance, some couples wouldn’t dare have a reception that didn’t feature curried goat, jerk chicken or grilled seafood.

Crystal Ballroom events with a West Indies theme may also feature a number of island flowers. The flowers could go further than the table centerpieces and extend to bridal runners as well. The list of island flowers la novias often choose to use in their nuptials includes, but doesn’t end with bougainvillea, orchids, allamanda, hibiscus and spider lilies.

Oftentimes, they select flowers in colors that match West Indies flags, both past and present. As such, it’s common to see blues, reds, yellows, greens and other hues at island themed, Crystal Ballroom events. To learn more about planning a West Indies wedding ceremony and reception in Orlando, please contact us.