Our Crystal Ballroom events staff loves seafood and we know that many of you do too. Groups of experts say that each of us eats around 15 pounds of it each year. So we are never surprised when people contact us to host special dinners and luncheons during National Seafood Month. It happens every fall, like clockwork. The official holiday takes place throughout October but that hasn’t stopped people from choosing seafood menus before and after that month.

Shrimp is always a winner at Crystal Ballroom events. You’ll find it on several of our menus, including the Orchid, Jasmine and Zinnia. Many of the menus’ shrimp offerings are on the heavily seasoned side. Examples include but don’t end with firecracker, pepper pot and Old Bay. Although most portions are suitable for butler-passed appetizers, we can have them increased to the equivalent of a hearty entrée or satiating side.

The Jasmine menu also features smoked fish, Solomon Gundy style. If you haven’t tried the fish pate before, you’re in for an incredibly pleasurable experience. The pickling spices can be a bit spicy too. So, there are several types of wines, champagnes and spirits that would marry well with fish pate. A few are sauternes, chianti and barbera. If you’re not a fan of those, anything acidic or sweet may suffice. Understandably, sweet and acidic cocktails would pair marvelously with the Crystal Ballroom event menus’ spicy shrimp dishes too.

And if you’re looking to hook attendees with National Seafood Month décor themes, no need to let your language get salty. The Crystal Ballroom event team knows how to stage an underwater adventure like no other. Lovely linens in shade of blue and sea foam greens would make excellent table toppers, skirting and chair sashes. Also, we have other oceanic décor options too. To learn more about scheduling a National Seafood Month dinner or lunch, please contact our team today.