All of us here at the Crystal Ballroom Daytona Beach understand that couples want their waterfront weddings to be unique. So we often help out with suggestions on everything from party favors to centerpieces. Many brides worry that using a seashell or sand dollar theme would be passé but still want to incorporate the water into their décor. If you find yourself in the same position, may we suggest using seagrass? Considered essential to underwater health, it grows wild in the Sunshine State’s marine environments.

A quick look on Pinterest will reveal that it’s been used as centerpieces during coastal weddings before. There are many national craft stores that sell seagrass as either a raw material or as part of ready-made décor. For example, Michaels® carries vases that have been wrapped in coastal grasses and Save-on-Crafts sells hand-woven baskets. Each would make splendid centerpieces or focal points for key areas, including the gift table. We’ve also seen companies fashion the seagrass into placemats, chair sashes and napkin holders or rings.

Although not edible to humans, seagrass could be incorporated into food and beverage service too. The key is to use a comparable plant, like seaweed. Similar to seagrass, it is quite edible. As a matter of note, it’s an ingredient that’s been featured many times in popular, culinary publications. Among them are Food & Wine and Bon Appetit. Over the years, they’ve shown it used in salads, desserts and side dishes. It may also be worked into condiments, including seaweed salt. Of course there is no reason to drown guests in the seagrass theme. Just a small hint of it in the food or bar menu should do.

To learn more about adding seagrasses to a special event’s menu or décor, please contact the Crystal Ballroom Daytona Beach’s staff today for a consultation.