Are you planning to have your upcoming nuptials at the Crystal Ballroom Casselberry? Congratulations! We can’t wait to serve you but before that day comes, there is something beneficial that you must do. Check out what Seminole County’s Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller has to say about marriage licenses. You’ll find that Casselberry is one of many places in the State of Florida that urge engaged couples to seek out professional counseling before a license is granted. What type of counseling and where?

It’s certified, premarital counseling. The duration, cost and hassles attached to the course vary based on provider. Thus, our Crystal Ballroom Casselberry staff members have seen some couples take the course online and finish in one day whereas others went to a brick-n-mortar location over a period of weeks. Either way, possessing a valid certificate of completion accomplished two very important things. First, it helps prepare Crystal Ballroom Casselberry’s bridal couples for a lifetime together. Second, it greatly reduces the costs associated with getting a marriage certificate within the county.

The basic course itself tends to last less than five hours but providers often break it up into small segments, hence the differences in duration. Therefore, it is best to keep that in mind when shopping around for certified, premarital counselors who are recognized by theSeminole County’s courthouse staff. For example, if you’re planning a quick wedding at the Crystal Ballroom Casselberry, an online course might be the best option. On the other hand, couples who are in no hurry may want to talk with their local pastor or someone else who offers the course over several weeks.

Either way, our Crystal Ballroom Casselberry staff is available to meet with couples whether they have their respective, premarital certificates or not. It is not required to start planning. To learn more about the legal requirements involved in exchanged vows within the county, please contact us.