Whether or not your list of residences includes tropical locales, one thing is beyond argument. Beach and marina weddings are definitely tres romantique! There’s just something about the sand and surf bridal couples can’t resist, especially if we’re talking Daytona Beach. The popular tourist spot boasts hard-packed sand that is 500-feet wide and lazily stretches out across 20 plus miles. But not every inch is an appropriate place to host classy, Daytona Beach weddings or rambunctious quinceaneras by the beach.

There is really only one place near the water that can accommodate those types of functions without leaving guests screaming, “Tacky tourist destination.” It’s Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor. Located along the shores of a resplendent lake, its where stylish, waterfront celebrations happen easily. Personal event designers, all-inclusive packages, flexible rental terms and to-die-for, coastal foods add to the view. So, bridal couples can’t help but recommend it to all of their friends.

The Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor’s standard wedding tends to last for five hours, which is often preceded the night before by a 60 minute ceremony rehearsal. The ceremony rehearsal may or may not include dinner, based on the couples’ preferences. Throughout the five-hour reception, there are ample waterfront areas meant for snagging postcard perfect photos for the family album. And no need for couples to pull on their tresses in search of talented photo or videographers. The site’s personal event designs are always willing to assist couples with finding the classiest visual artists.

Speaking of visual artistry, marina weddings are nothing without elegant décor throughout. Thus, a quick sit-down with our planners can give couples ideas on how to avoid making their beach wedding look kitschy. In addition, couples may find professional decorating packages worth making part of their deal. To learn more about the Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor’s beach themed affairs, please contact us today.