Planning a wedding in the upcoming year? Today, we would like to provide our brides-to-be with three popular wedding trends for this year that are sure to impress guests and create memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Let’s start with the invitations. Invitations are now doing more than just announcing the date and time of the ceremony. Many of our brides are choosing types of paper that give hints to the bride’s wedding dress, whether that be including laser cut paper that mimics the lace pattern found in the dress, or ordering handmade paper with silk threads.
  • While many couples are still choosing to have a small, informal wedding, we are seeing the couples that opt for a formal affair are continuing to do it up big time. The lesson here is, if you are going to plan a formal ceremony and all out reception, go big or go home! To put their wedding over the top, some couples plan unexpected surprises for their guests that are not part of the traditional reception, like serving banana splits after things are starting to wind down.
  • When it comes to choosing a cake, minimalist brides may still opt for simple white cakes with buttercream frosting, but many couples are choosing to tell a story with their cake, designing each layer to testify to a special chapter of their relationship together.

The staff at the Crystal Ballroom is standing at the ready to work with couples to coordinate even the finest details of all their wedding events, so that their day is enjoyed and long remembered. For more information about reserving any of our ballrooms for your wedding or special event, please contact us!