Each quinceanera holds it’s own uniqueness. Rightly so, as each quinceanera celebrates it’s own daughter. When you’re planning your celebration, start with colors. Below we have put together some color palettes that please.

  • Salmon Pink with Bright Orange. The salmon pink is a kind of pink that is toned down, but beautiful and inspiring. Pair it with bright orange and perhaps a white or a navy and you will have a color combination to thrill!
  • Turquoise and Fuchsia. These two colors will definitely brighten the mood and bring sparkling smiles to everyone. These beauties are full of energy and life, and that is what being young is all about!
  • A Scale of Pinks. For absolute girly festivity, use an array of pinks. From pastel all the way to deep maroon, choose three or four to use as inspiration for flowers, table linens, and drapery around the room. The color pink will bring a softness to the room and using this monochromatic scheme will bring reminders of time going by, as the colors fade and and darken from one end of the spectrum to the other, so does life. Exciting times are ahead!
  • Emerald Green with Turquoise and Deep Purple. These colors will remind of nature, perfect for an enchanted forest type of party. Though the emerald green and deep purple are dark, they will be lightened up by the turquoise. This is called an analogous color scheme because these three colors are next to each other on the color wheel. Because of that, they will invoke comfort. Yet the turquoise will allow the other colors to pop. Perfect for the quinceanera celebration!

There are truly so many beautiful combinations of colors to choose from, and we would love to discuss further what fits you! Contact us to set up an appointment today!