Standing on the deck, wedding party surrounding you, your family in the front row, the sun reflecting on the water, you say “I do.” You are pronounced husband and wife. You pause for a photo. You walk down the aisle, dancing, floating like the nearby buoys. In your hands, a stack of lilies tied with a ribbon.

Weddings are made by lots of details, but mostly by the two people who are the only reason for the event. Husband and wife smiling, naturally posing, simply embracing. This is the beginning of your union. The mark of a lifetime ahead. A day that will be celebrated for the rest of your life.

You shop for the perfect dress. You send invitations. You take time off work. You book a honeymoon. You stay up late celebrating with your best friends.

You build up the event. And rightly so. Weddings are a big deal. You take a year to plan, but really you’ve been planning your whole life. Now, though, you have met the groom, the only part that never made its way into your wedding binder. He is the only man you could ever love enough to wed.

And yet, the wedding begs for the appropriate background. The wedding desires the perfect place.

Contact us because our Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor is that place. Our packages make it easy. Our staff will make stress disappear. We provide venue, lighting, full china, full design and decor, bartender and waitstaff and you are free to choose everything else from wherever you like. We are here to make your day easier, and Sunset Harbor is here to make your wedding day over-the-top breathtaking.