While some people have had their wedding colors picked out from the time they were a little kid, other people are a little less sure about the decision. As you are planning your ballroom wedding, there are several things you can do to decide what colors you want to use for the big day.

Think of Your Favorites

Many brides choose to use their favorite color or colors as their wedding colors. You can even stick to one color and simply do different shades of the same color. For example, if you like blue, you could use sky blue, navy blue, and indigo as your wedding colors. If you and your future spouse are huge fans of a certain sports team or college, you could also use the team’s colors as your wedding colors.


If you have your heart set on a certain flower for the bridal bouquet and other floral arrangements, you might be limited in your color options. Even if your heart is not set upon a specific flower, deciding what flowers you like together may help you decide upon your wedding colors.

Get Inspiration from Others

Looking at pictures of others weddings can help you decide what colors you want to pick as your wedding colors. If you are unsure about the perfect colors for your wedding, look at pictures of friends’ weddings, check out bridal websites, look on social media, and use other resources to find the perfect color combination for you.

You could even get your color inspiration from nature. Use the colors of the fall leaves, even if you are not having a fall wedding. Create your color scheme based upon peacock feathers. Find some other colorful bit of nature that you find beautiful, and create your wedding colors based upon that.

If you need a location for your special day, contact us. We can provide you with a beautiful venue for both the wedding and the reception. Be sure to ask about our preferred vendors list, where you will be connected with great companies who can handle the food, the photography, and even the bride’s hair and make-up.