It’s almost impossible to set the date of your wedding if you don’t have the wedding venue or wedding reception booked. That is why it is very important to deal with this matter and do it ahead of time as much as possible. You can start looking for a venue and reception through search engines or maybe you can ask from your close friends and relatives. Once you have come up with several locations in your list, you might as well pay a visit to each site and inquire from the manager. You can write all the questions you have in mind and jot down some short notes. After the long day is over, you can sit down on the couch and go over your list and notes. You can begin the preparation process once you have come up with a final decision.

Most reception venues include a whole wedding package, some offer catering services or the room only, while others include reception equipment and decorations. That is why it is very crucial to interview the manager or representative of the venue before you finally decide. Make sure the head personnel or manager is there during your wedding day so that the whole event will run smoothly. There is a company that specializes in wedding venues in Devon that can cater for your needs, so give them a call for information.

When you choose the date of your wedding, you should also consider what day that will be. It would be much cheaper if you rent the place other than a Saturday evening. Wedding events that are held on a Saturday night are said to be very costly because it’s the most booked day of the week, and so the cost is a premium. On the other hand, days like Fridays and Sundays offer a lesser rate up to 30% since they are the less sought-after days of the week. In other cases, rental fees will also differ depending on what month or time of the year. Generally, you will save much if you are going to book during the months of November up to April next year.

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