At our Orlando ballrooms, we have several all inclusive wedding packages for you to choose from. But the point of all of them is to give you what you need on your wedding day, to help you take your hands off the wedding day and just walk down the aisle looking beautiful.

You don’t want to be watching the cater set up food or counting chairs to make sure all your guests have a place to sit. You don’t want to be tying bows on chairs or putting out napkins.

Instead, you want to put your dress on and get your hair curled. You want to close your eyes while someone else applies your makeup. You want to have a glass of champagne and chat with your bridesmaids. You want to hug your mom.

Glance through our wedding packages and you’ll see that you can have your perfect wedding without having to be involved in the setup.

With our packages, you can choose your day. You can choose your own vendors, or you can use our in-house DJ, caterer, and bartender. You can consult with our in-house wedding planner and decorator. Or you can bring in your own.

We ask you to contact us because we have been planning and hosting weddings for years. We know you want your wedding to beperfect, and we are sure that we have an option that is perfect for you and your wedding, whether you are having a Sunday afternoon wedding with brunch, or a Saturday evening dance party with everyone you know. Whatever you’re planning, we’re here for you.