If you are still looking for the perfect venue at which you can host your upcoming wedding, look no further than the Crystal Ballroom! When we say our Orlando wedding packages are all-inclusive, we mean it! With multiple ballrooms in three locations in the Orlando area, you now have the choice of which ballroom would best suit your particular event.

Because it is our goal to be THE venue of choice for discerning patronage, choosing the Crystal Ballroom may just be the best decision you make, and, if you are a person who is not good at decision-making, you are in luck! Our staff can create a wedding package that will meet all of your needs, centered around the theme of your choice. No longer will you need to stay up late trying to decide between using cream-colored linens or crisp, white napery. No longer will you need to be stressed about whether or not your rental company will be able to provide the number of tables and chairs that you requested, and no longer must you worry about whether they will be delivered on time.

When you purchase an all-inclusive wedding package through the Crystal Ballroom, our staff is fully prepared to take care of those little details for you! You can leave the decision-making to us, and rest assured that our diligence, and attention to detail, will contribute to making your event one that will be long remembered by friends and family.

Our team is ready to get started on your special event! For more information about just how simple an all-inclusive wedding package at the Crystal Ballroom can be, contact us today!