National Resurrect Romance Week is close at hand. Designed to encourage the sharing of romantic gestures, it is slatedto take place its usual time, in early August. Many couples choose to set that week aside for more than just the exchanging of cards, sweet nothings and flowers. They opt to host lovely dinner celebrations at the Crystal Ballroom instead.

With a choice of three dreamy locations, it’s easy to make this year’s National Resurrect Romance Week one for the family scrapbook. Unmarried couples may choose this time to get engaged or exchange promise rings in front of family, business associates and friends. Married ones may want to contemplate hosting a wedding anniversary, vow renewal ceremony or simple, “I Love You” party for their closest relatives.

No matter, Crystal Ballroom’s layout naturally lends itself to romantic notions of all sorts. Plus, the loving vibe may beturned up several notches with the assistance of in-house planning experts. In-house planning experts are willing and able to handle all details associated with National Resurrect Romance Week and more. And that includes selecting the perfect, romantic dinner fare.

National Resurrect Romance events may include butler-passed hors d’oeuvres, cocktail hours, buffet meals and carving stations filled with a variety of proteins. As such, there is no need to limit guests to honey-baked hams, succulent roast beef or moist turkey. It is also possible to add beverage stations that include more than just soda pop and sweet tea. And of course, romantic toasts with adult beverages of choice may be arranged in advance as well.

Please note that entertainment for National Resurrect Romance events can be simple or complex too. However, many couples love to choose romantic, solo musicians or full-blown bands to play heart-felt tunes at their events. To learn more about them and all of the other choices sure to resurrect romance this August, please contact us at the Crystal Ballroom in Metro West, Altamonte Springs or Casselberry.