At the Crystal Ballroom, we love to see families and friends come together to celebrate life’s major milestones. At the Crystal Ballroom Casselberry, we have helped our clients host weddings, birthday parties, retirement parties, anniversary dinners, family reunions, and many other celebratory events. One of our favorite celebrations to plan for are baby showers.

Every life is special. The job every mother undertakes when bringing a child into this world is extraordinary. At the Crystal Ballroom, our staff is thrilled when we are given the opportunity to honor both a new mother, and a new baby. We believe that just as each life is unique and extraordinary, each baby shower should be just as distinct as the new life it is celebrating.

When you reserve any of our ballrooms, you are also reserving the creative services of our professional team of designers. Whether you are looking for a standard pink or blue themed baby shower, or have other colors in mind, our designers are eager to give you an amazing celebration.

Most expectant mothers will agree that the nine months of pregnancy seem to go on forever, but in hindsight, they pass rather quickly. That being said, NOW is the time to make plans for a shower to honor the new mother and baby.

Have questions about how you can reserve the Crystal Ballroom of Casselberry for a baby shower to celebrate the arrival of an amazing new life? Our calendar fills up fast, so no matter where your mother-to-be is in her pregnancy, don’t hesitate tocontact us today! Our staff is standing by, and waiting to hear from you.