You can always throw a party at your house. You can always go to Party City and Target and The Dollar Tree to stock up on plates and napkins, streamers and balloons, maybe a disco ball or paper lanterns or white Christmas lights. You can always chop veggies and fruits and cut the crusts of millions of cucumber sandwiches, roll up pounds of lunch meat and cheese,purchase pretzels and potato chips. You can always make the birthday cake and frost it yourself.

But when it comes to considering sweet 16 party places, why trouble yourself by using your own house? You’ve been throwing parties for your precious angel for years- at least 15 of them, anyway. When it comes to 16th birthday, show your daughter you really care by giving her the party of her life. Make it a day she’ll surely remember well into adulthood. Make it the best one until her wedding day.

This is, after all, your little girl. This is her life. We know that your daughter’s 16th birthday is not only the anniversary of her birth, but an emotional and tremendous time for everyone who loves her. Sixteen years old, it is said:

“Farewell to braces, pigtails and toys. Welcome to driving, parties and boys!”

“I just think the Sweet 16 is a sacred, special event.” ~Stan Hardin.

“Once in a lifetime do you turn 16; never again will this age be seen.”

Truly, this is a big deal. This is one of the few things in life worth celebrating.

Contact us for more information regarding prices. The Crystal Ballroom not only provides a glamorous space to hold grand parties, but also full service event coordination. You’ve been planning parties for 15 years. Let us handle this one so that you can just sit back and celebrate.