What is even more perfect than your dream wedding? Your dream wedding at the beach or destination of your choosing. Wedding planning is an amazing and exciting experience, but due to the high volume of contracts, meetings and decisions, shouldn’t your big day be a relaxing one in gorgeous surroundings? Here are three reasons why Beach weddings, Destination weddings, and parties with ambiance are the new thing.

Reason 1: You have exotic taste.

No matter where you go – Paris, Hawaii, or the Crystal Ballroom’s beautiful facility at Daytona Beach, you want something unique. With a destination wedding, you will have just that. You will astound your guests and immediately win them over by your choice of venue.

Reason 2: You want a calming atmosphere.

All the hustle and bustle of activity leaving you exhausted? The best thing to do is immerse yourself with tranquil surroundings. Looking out at the ocean and breathing deeply of the sand and surf, who could not feel relaxed?

Reason 3: You want an intimate setting.

Because of the travel involved, destination weddings are usually small gatherings. Sometimes with destinations, there are many smaller gatherings and parties surrounding the main event, as well. This will add to the feel. However, even if your guest list is massive, you still want that setting of closeness and a family atmosphere, which this type of event provides.

If you have your heart set on a romantic beach or destination wedding, we know exactly how to assist you at the Crystal Ballroom, and we’ll take care of all the details so you can focus on the people who mean the most to you.