Banquet halls in Orlando, Florida, are among the best venues to host events that fall on the fringes of each season. Not all areas may claim the same. Take certain locations up north for instance. It’s one region where the weather tends to turn iffy as summer slowly melts into autumn. And weather isn’t the only fringe related problems bridal couples must address. There are also the issues of color and theme. For example, aquamarine and beach décor may lose its appeal come September and leaves may become passé on December 1st. Thankfully, Orlando’s temperate climate and the flexibility of area banquet hall staff make those common fears disappear.

Most bridal couples are already aware of how gorgeous the weather is outside of banquet halls in Orlando. FL. So, we’d like to share a few between season tips that may help take the mystery out of finding the right, wedding reception or bridal shower décor. Let’s start with the colors. There are some combinations that transcend seasonal connotations. For example, yellow and gray is a very popular color ensemble right now. It is also fortunately a combination that would pair well with summer or fall themes. The yellow could represent the sun or fall foliage. As for the gray, it could symbolize the sky, rocks or other symbols of summer and fall. Other color combinations that would work well during transition periods includes, but isn’t limited to the following:

  • Gold and Red
  • Sage and Lavender
  • Hunter Green and Navy
  • Navy and Scarlet

As for between season themes, we’d suggest thinking about using items that have meaning to the couple. For instance, maybe they share a love of a certain animal, food, movie, music or cocktail. If so, the theme could easily play off of those shared interests. Examples that come to mind are using chocolate dessert bars with brown, floral centerpieces and custom candy party favors. To learn more about preparing banquet halls in Orlando for an end of season event, please contact the Crystal Ballroom team today.