Annual business conferences are key events in the corporate world. They allow you and your team to gather in one spot to discuss pressing issues and celebrate successes of the last year. Planning the details of an engaging, successful conference might seem overwhelming, but The Crystal Ballroom is here to help.

Our Altamonte Springs banquet hall is the perfect venue for your annual gathering, and we would love to help you with every last detail. Call us at 407-757-2975 today to book your spot! In the meantime, check out the five planning tips below to ensure your event is spectacular.

Five Business Conference Planning Tips

Determine Your Budget

The first major step in planning your event is to determine your budget. This will provide a roadmap of sorts for your event, and it will influence the type of venue and vendors that you hire. Remember that it is always better to overestimate than cut yourself short. To ensure you don’t overlook any expenses, it can be helpful to set up a spreadsheet with various categories, such as food, entertainment, and guest speakers.

Research Dates and Venues

Once you have determined your budget, you can begin researching available dates and venues. When selecting a date, be sensitive to the needs of your guests who may be traveling from out of town. Avoid setting your date during peak travel times, if possible, such as holiday weekends. When researching vendors, inquire as to whether they offer event design services or packages that can help streamline the event.

Hire Vendors and Guest Speakers

Planning your conference well in advance is key to ensuring you have plenty of time to hire the catering, entertainment, and guest speakers that you want. If possible, you should make arrangements with vendors and guest speakers six months to one year ahead of time to avoid scheduling conflicts. Allowing yourself the extra time will make hiring a backup that much easier in the event that a vendor or speaker backs out.

Develop Your Agenda

While it might be easy to imagine how your conference will go in your mind, it is quite another thing to put it into action. Having a clear agenda will ensure your conference goes smoothly, flowing from one event to the next. As a courtesy to your guests, it is helpful to put the agenda down on paper and circulate it ahead of time. This way, your guests will know what to expect when they arrive at your event.

Incorporate Live Streams

Just as you should take your guests travel plans and expenses into consideration, you should also take into account that there may be several out-of-town guests who cannot make the event. These guests shouldn’t miss out on the conference just because they cannot be there physically, and incorporating live streams into your conference is a wonderful way to include those who cannot make the event.

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