Interested in having a ballroom wedding? Check out the three tips below. They’ll help you to better navigate your wedding planning.

Book Your Ballroom ASAP

Certain times of the year can get extremely busy for wedding venues. So once you’ve decided you want to get married at the Crystal Ballroom, it’s best to book early. That’s easily done by contacting us directly.

Set Up Gift Registries

Once you’ve got your date booked and your wedding invites sent, your guests will start wanting to know what you want as your wedding gift. So set your gift registry early. Alternatively, if you have no need for traditional wedding gifts, consider setting up a honeymoon or mortgage fund. That way, your wedding guests will know just where to send their monetary gifts to you. And if you’re lucky enough to not need any cash gifts for yourself, you could even set up a charity fund for your wedding guests to donate to.

Don’t Mention Anything About Gifts on the Wedding Invitation

When penning your wedding invitation, avoid making any mentions of gifts altogether. Your wedding guest list should be comprised ofpeople you want to share your special day with, so make the invitation about the event and not the gifts. If you prefer cash for your wedding gift, rely on your family and bridal party to spread the message on your behalf. Then whenever you’re asked directly about what you would like to have as a present, tell them that you already have everything you need, but money for a honeymoon or down payment on a house would be nice.