So many details go into a ballroom wedding. The dress, the photographer, the photography poses, the colors, the theme. We know you like to think about the big picture, and you should. You’re going to walk down the aisle. You’re going to say “I do” and kiss your new spouse. You’re going to dance. You might even sing karaoke. You might be lucky enough to eat a full, fancy dinner.

Yet, it is the details that make a wedding. Showering your guests with tiny prizes makes them feel loved and makes your wedding memorable. We mean things like appetizers while you pose for photos, having a drink created and mixed especially in your honor. Things like how you wrap the silverware at their place setting. Have you thought about that one?

Of course, you won’t personally wrap the silverware. But you can surely choose how it’s done. Here are a few options we think will go lovely with whatever kind of wedding you are planning:

  • For the simple, pretty wedding: wrap a paper doily around the silverware and tie it with a ribbon or with twine. Place a single silk flower amidst the utensils.
  • For the fun-loving, elegant wedding: wrap them in a napkin pinched in the middle to look like a bow tie.
  • For the beach wedding: tie a ribbon or twine around them with a knot around a life saver mint (to look like a buoy).
  • For the kid’s table: tie it together with candy bracelets made from gummy life savers, fruit loops, smarties, or purchase them already made.

Contact us for more ideas on the details for your wedding!