Giving out wedding favors is a very ancient tradition with early European roots. It originated as a way of the aristocratic members of society to give thanks and tribute to those who attended their marriage celebrations. The tradition has continued down through the centuries. Though the exchanging of vows is celebrated a variety of ways in different cultures, most societies continue to honor their guests with a favor of some type.

Traditionally sugar and sweet delicacies were offered as tokens of gratitude, and modern wedding guests continue to appreciate edible wedding favors. From caramel apples decorated to look like a bridal gown and groom’s tux, to miniature jars of jam and personalized cookies, offering an attractively displayed token is one sure way of knowing guestswon’t be leaving these favors behind. If you are planning a ballroom wedding this season, but are looking for an alternative to traditional favors, you may wish to consider the following options.

The wedding photo booth has become quite popular recently, but if you are not sure you want to spring for one, consider hiring an artist to draw quick silhouettes of each guest. Guests can sit for a quick sketch and leave with an attractive reminder of the fun and unique reception you planned.

Of course, couples want to provide a token of their thanks for each guest, but many modern couples are breaking tradition and are creatively expressing their appreciation for their guests in ways that are eco-friendly AND support a charitable organization as well. In lieu of favors, consider setting up a “giving table.” Provide each guest with a bag of reusable poker-type chips, and instruct guests that each chip represents a dollar. Set up several jars, each symbolic of a charity. Guests may then “donate” by placing their chip in the various jars. At the end of the evening, designate a trusted member of the wedding party to tally the chips. After the honeymoon, make contributions to the charities in the amount the guests have determined in the guest’s honor..

A simplified version of this idea– announce that instead of favors, the bride and groom has made a donation in each guest’s honor to a worthy charity of the couple’s choice.

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