When it comes to ballroom decorations, there are many specifications to consider, but here we will focus on the table.

The table setting has the power to transform the feel of any event. It is the place where each guest is essentially given a piece of the décor to enjoy all for themselves. While it is typical that table settings match for the same event, some celebrations require that only every other seat matches. For instance, if a wedding’s colors are grey and purple, the napkins at the tables could mimic them with a pattern of grey and purple, providing an extra ounce of fun for the reception. This could also prevent a bit of napkin confusion among guests. (Have you ever grabbed someone else’s napkin thinking it was yours?)

On the topic of napkins, consider utilizing the art of napkin folding, an elegant addition to any formal dinner.

The centerpiece is another part of the table that lends itself well to elegance. Tall and skinny vases filled with flowers, greenery or berry twigs can provide excellent flair to a table. Consider a fishbowl with colorful glass rocks or sea glass on the bottom. A fishbowl could also provide a great conversation piece to your guests; people love to watch fish gliding through the water and creating bubbles, their fins moving about and their little fish faces that look like kissing lips. For a wedding, consider two fish per fishbowl to provoke the feeling of companionship and love. When the celebration is over, let your guests take the centerpieces home with them for an extra party favor.

One thing is for sure: when you’re planning a large, formal event, the less you have to do the better you will feel during the event. Contact us to take the stress off you.