You’ve found the man and chosen the dress. You’ve booked the Crystal Ballroom and locked down the DJ. You’ve kept everything on budget for your dream wedding but – gasp! – you forgot about the ballroom decorations. Somewhere between cake tastings and shoe shopping, they slipped your mind.

There are tons of ways to decorate for little to no money. Grab a couple of creative friends and get busy. Centerpieces can be made from all manner of found items and the most important part is to make your decorations unique to your personalities. Doing so lets you use items you already have, saving time and money.

Use driftwood with a scattering of shells for a beachy theme or try an arrangement of vintage bottles to play up a jewel toned palette. Try fluffy cones of cotton candy tucked into glassware as ethereal, edible centerpieces or bookworms can display stacks of beloved volumes tied with ribbon to match your color scheme.

For an interactive idea, consider placing games on the tables in place of centerpieces – guests can get to know one another over a quick round of Connect Four or I’ve Never. Unless you want a shattered mess, though, leave the Jenga at home.

Another option is to keep the table decorations minimal (think bowls of water with floating tea lights) and create a focal table of memorabilia of your life together – guests will enjoy viewing old snapshots and keepsakes.

As you unleash your creativity exploring options for decorating on a budget, contact us at any time with questions. We look forward to hosting your amazing day!