Selecting ballroom decorations for your event is much easier when you have a theme for the evening. While themes such as “An Evening Under the Sea” are cute and simple to select decor for, it’s also outdated and overused. Here are five unique themes you could use to design your next event’s decorations at the Crystal Ballroom.

1. Music Festival – Think Coachella or if you’re a child of the 90’s, Lollapalooza. All the food served can be festival fare and your DJ or band can play music all relevant to the festival of your choice. Find lifelike standees and backdrops of scenery for your guests to use for selfies throughout the night. They’ll have a blast!

2. Haute Couture – Don’t just go black tie, go all out. Utilize the most elegant decor that the Crystal Ballroom has to design an evening that screams high-class. Have a set cocktail menu and butler hors d’oeuvres the entire evening for your guests. Our event professionals will assist you in creating a sophisticated dinner for your guests.

3. Carnival – Treat your guests to a Brazilian party and invite everyone to dress up as if they were attending Carnival. Your food and music will be right in line with the theme and your guests will be ecstatic to participate in this interactive evening full of celebration.

4. Downton Abbey / Game of Thrones / Mad Men – Get it? Select the most hip and current television series that everyone is talking about. Invite your guests to dress up as their favorite character and decorate your event as an advertising agency, English courtyard or a castle. Guests will be thrilled with your choice and the details you add to your event.

5. Color Pop – Decorate everything in the ballroom solid white, accent it with twinkle lights and white drape throughout. The only color in your decor will be in your centerpieces on the tables. Then instruct every guest to dress head to toe in the same color as the centerpieces. The entire event will look fabulous with varying shades of blue, yellow, pink, or whatever color you select your guests to wear. This theme will work for any music and menu.

No matter what ages your guests are or what the event is, selecting a theme always helps in decor decisions. The sky is the limit and all you need is a unique idea to develop your theme. Contact us today at the Crystal Ballroom so our professional staff can help you plan a memorable event.