Although the Crystal Ballroom is available to host many types of celebrations, weddings and wedding receptions are by far our most popular events. Considering holding a wedding at the Crystal Ballroom? Rest assured that we can handle the decorating for you. Unsure of the types of decor that would best express your style, personality, and love story? Our friendly staff is prepared to share some great ballroom decoration ideas that will impress your guests and give you a romantic event to remember.

Since many bride’s decorations center around flowers, today we would like to share with our readers the hidden meaning behind the use of several of the more popular types of flowers used in weddings. For centuries people from many differentcultures have attributed specific meanings to different blooms. This practice reached a climax during the Victorian Era, when men in high-society were often prohibited from expressing their true feelings audibly to the women they adored. By sending specific bouquets, a gentleman could express tender emotions in code, providing the lady took the time to decipher the nose-gay.

The calla lily is a large tropical flower that signifies “magnificent beauty.” While quite a popular flower for weddings, it is also one of the more expensive blooms. For this reason, brides on a budget often carry a single, perfect stem in lieu of a large bouquet. Unlike other lilies, the calla lily possesses a very delicate scent.

A carnation does not carry a specific meaning in and of itself, but the color of the carnation is quite symbolic. Red symbolizes love, pink stands for boldness, and white implies that a receiver possesses special talent. Steer clear of using yellow carnations, which symbolizes disdain.

Baby’s breath continues to be a popular addition to many wedding bouquets, and we routinely see some brides carry large sprays of nothing but hundreds of these tiny flowers. As its name implies, like an innocent newborn baby, baby’s breath symbolizes innocence. Baby’s breath is sought after because of it’s understated simplicity, not to mention that it is one of the most inexpensive choices for brides on a budget.

The daisy continues to be a popular choice for many brides. The bloom signifies a request for mutual feelings to be shared. They are inexpensive when in season, and carry no fragrance.

Whether you are seeking to add symbolism to your wedding decor, or merely looking for more beautiful ballroom decoration ideas, contact us to learn more about how we can help you plan the wedding of your dreams at the Crystal Ballroom.